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Personal Care Home

Dedicated to Providing the Best Care for Senior Women.

Sevananda is a NEW Personal Care Home so therefore there have been NO COVID 19 cases.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) poses a serious threat to older adults (especially 80 years old and older) and those with underlying health conditions. This is why the federal government and many state governments are restricting visitors to nursing homes and assisted living communities. We understand this is a difficult and stressful time. Those who work in long term care facilities are focused on your safety and wellbeing.  Ourstaff take every CDC  precaution for the well being of our loved one and our staff.

Providing your loved one with Retreat like living.

We are a 501 (c) (3) privately-owned

Personal Care Home.

Our 5 specific goals:


  • Caring for adult women with empathy and compassion.

  • Providing a safe retreat to meet the needs of our residents.

  • Programs that assist in self-worth, independent living, health, wellness and clinical treatment (counseling) where appropriate and by request.

  • Provide educational services on healthy physical activity.

  • Provide healthy and nutritious meals.

We thank you for wanting to be a part of SEVANANDA INC. (STJOS) and we make sure ALL residents are safe, loved and taken care of like family. 


Here at the retreat, we honor our resident’s and family’s belief system. STJOS maintains sound practices informed by literature, research, legislation, policies and procedures as well as professional ethics and values.


Our Adult activities offers a warm, caring atmosphere where seniors can enjoy the day and families can know they are active and safe. Our staff look forward to serving your loved one.



“Sevananda has been a pillar service in the commiuntiy".                                                 Mrs. Ray


“Mrs.Landry goes above and beyond and treats you like family, she is very easy to talk to


Lynn Michelle

Life style Focused Care

Familiar routines can be reassuring to those experiencing minimal memory loss. While certain aspects of daily living, such as dining, fitness or relaxation, occur at roughly at the same time each day, we seek to vary the activities and events within those time periods so each day feels both familiar and fresh.

”As soon as I walked in for a tour, I  felt at home.  The Retreat has a calm feel to it".                            Jasmin


“I'm always scepticle of people saying what they can offer, but Sevananda didn't disapppoint.”



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Better Care Starts with compassion!

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